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Friday, 12 August 2011

Cesc waves goodbye

The Cesc Fabregas saga is eventually over as it looks like Barcelona have done enough to re-unite themselves with the 24 year old. I for one am not disappointed about him leaving, he never really looked committed at the end of last year and with his regular hamstring injuries, i think it's good business for Arsenal. Yes he was our captain but i think the time is right for him to go. What this does mean is Arsene Wenger now has an additional £35M in the transfer kitty which I expect him to spend fully. Another positive of the move is that it allows Ramsey a full-time role in the squad and i look forward to him and Wilshere playing together this season. I just hope neither gets injured (fingers crossed).
Unfortunately we now only have around two weeks to find a suitable addition to the squad. In January we could lose both Song and Frimpong to the African Cup of Nations. What's more Denilson has gone on loan so a new central midfielder is necessary, the only question is who?
I've done a bit of scouting (on FIFA it has to be said) and have found a possible shortlist for this role. They aren't the biggest of names as I cant see Wenger going for someone worth more than £20M.
I start with the most obvious, Juan Mata. I think we all know enough about him already, yet i think this is unlikely. Valencia set a deadline and we failed to meet it so now the price has risen so although many want him at Arsenal, it might take a larger amount of money than expected.
Now for my list. On it I have: Javi Garcia, Biglia, Kuzmanovic, Asamoah, Honda and Parker.
I start with the oldest, Scott Parker. He may be a loyal Hammer but I would like to see a loan deal. This would mean that should West Ham be promoted they would still have their captain and he wouldn't need much change as both are London clubs. He has great experience and being the FWA footballer of the year, last season should be playing in the premier league.
I would not just get Parker, I would get a second midfielder, maybe Biglia. He has been rumoured with the club and really needs to move away from Anderlecht if he wants to add to his 6 caps for Argentina. Or maybe we could get Javi Garcia. A former Real Madrid player, the Spanish player who has already won three trophies at Benfica in two seasons would be a good addition. If not them how about Kuzmanovic? It seems this guy has been around for years, making his debut for Basel in 2005 at just 17. He then went on to make nearly 20 appearances that season so is probably one of the most experienced players I've mentioned.
From a different part of the world is Honda. He came to fame in the World Cup and despite being a more attacking player, he could still play centrally. A fact here about the Japanese player. He started his career at Nagoya Grampus which is the same club Arsene Wenger managed before Arsenal so maybe there could be some strange link. Finally from a different part of the world again, Kwadwo Asamoah. As much as I am a fan, he wouldn't be top of the list due to the ACON but still he has a great long shot and is still only 22. What's more we can even scout him for free on the 16th when we play Udinese.
That's all my options. I haven't commented on Jadson but I am aware he's an option. Still, i think we can all agree that we need at least one midfielder. I would like to see Nasri sign a new deal because then we avoid the hassle of signing another replacement. If he did stay, we could switch him to a central position then buy another striker like Rodallega.

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